What to Wear To Your Session

If you have had a session or have one in the future I’m sure you’ve asked, “Okay, but what the heck do I wear?! I feel like I don’t have anything!” If you have, this blog post is written just for you! Here we will help crush all your outfit fears and make you feel confident to rock your style at your session!

Let’s start with comfort..

If you know me well you know I’m a leggings and sweater girl any and every day over a dress. Fall is my season and oversized clothes are my jam. Dressing for a photo shoot does not mean being uncomfortable! If you’re uncomfortable, it will show. If you’re trying to rock a cocktail dress but you normally wear sweats, settle somewhere in the middle, like a flowy, casual dress or jeans, unless you wanna rock the heck out of a cocktail dress, by all means own it. Did you know you can be authentic to your style and taste while also setting yourself up for BOMB photos?! Let’s dive into the deets..

Coordinating not matching..

Coordination is key. Start with your main piece. That killer article of clothing or outfit you know you need to have your pictures taken in and go from there (usually that means the woman’s outfit in most cases). If you’re statement piece has more than one color to it, pull colors from that into your other outfits. Don’t worry if you don’t have “that” piece yet, we’ll get there!

Solids over patterns ‘errrday..

Hear me out on this one, this can be a little tricky. Solids are a lot more forgiving than patterns are. Patterns can be distracting, especially if they are large. If you do have a pattern you want to go with, make it a small one. Lines and shapes can get distracting especially if your shirt gets wrinkled or twisted, it catches the eye. Solids are much easier to work with!


Ahh, the most famous of all the outfit questions. What colors should I wear?!

Neutrals and muted tones are the absolute best thing to wear!

Neutrals, whites, tans, blacks, you get the idea, but what do I mean by muted colors?

Bright or neon colors can be a distraction, take the attention away from the scenery you’re in, and totally mess with skin tones, especially yellows and pinks.

Muted colors doesn’t mean stay away from colors. I love bold colors always! What this means is if you’re wanting to wear yellow go with a mustard, if you want orange go with a burnt orange, green would be forest or army green, you get the idea.

Texture and Movement

Textures can be so much fun! Don’t be afraid to add some layers or some texture to your outfits. (Like Natalie is wearing in the picture below). If it’s crazy hot out, ‘cause we live in Iowa which means one day it will be 40 and the next it will be 70 with 90% humidity) go with something that has movement or flow! They can add such a fun and romantic element to your photos.


Do you need to apply every single one of these rules? Absolutely not. Don’t stress out about what you’re wearing. These are just some pointers to help you along the way. Don’t hesitate to call or message me if you have any questions about your outfit, my clients do it all the time and I love helping out, especially if it’s going to put you at ease!

Now that you have some tips and trick to help you put together your outfits, OWN IT.
I can’t wait to bring your vision to reality! Let’s do this!

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