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6 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Tips for Clients

Weddings can get hecka expensive, real fast. There are a bunch of ways to cut some of your wedding costs, without sacrificing your vision for your day. Let’s dig into the 6 ways to save money on your wedding day.



Instead of including all the extra prints and invites for rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, brunches, RSVPs, use a wedding website. It’s a great way to put out all the details plus more, like transportation, lodging, accommodations and registry for your guests. I also have found people are a lot more likely to RSVP on a website than snail mail (it is 2021). 😉 Websites like The Knot make creating your own wedding website super easy!


These cards on tables during the reception while pretty, can also be pretty pricey. These average at about $3 a piece. Instead use a print/poster with guests name with table numbers. These can save $50 per 100 guests or more! They also can add to the decor and style of your wedding.


A few tips on how to save on your florals, buy in season. In season flowers are cheaper, so be sure to check what flowers will be in season during your wedding. Use more greenery! Not only is this trendy, adds size and texture, but it’s cheaper than flowers! Greenery is also super versatile and can be used with plenty of different styles. Using the bridesmaid bouquets as the centerpieces on reception tables, bar or snack area tables can also save costs on decor.

bridesmaid bouquets and flower ideas


Using an off peak day or season can save you thousands on a venue and sometimes with vendors as well! Choose Sunday, Friday or maybe a weekday that has significance to you, like the day you met or had your first date. Not only will you save money, but you’re adding sentimental value.

wedding venue ideas iowa Ashton hill farm


Opt for appetizers and drinks instead of a whole meal. The average cost of a wedding meal per person is $33, while appetizers or hors d’œuvres, can cost half! Have a cocktail hour then head into the speeches, cake cutting and dancing, which can also encourage more mingling!



Having a smaller wedding can cut costs – well, everywhere. Keeping it to closer friends and family and those you want to celebrate with most can cut costs in venue, food, drinks, seating and invitations. (If you’re stuck on who to invite check out my How to Make Your Wedding Guest List post.)

small intimate iowa elopement wedding

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