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I love the Midwest, and as much as I love visiting new places, Iowa is where I call home. If you're a couple who loves spending time together while doing every day things + simplicity + genuine relationships,  you've come to the right place. I aim for real + cozy. I do everything I do with a heart to cultivate an experienced focused on the things that truly matter to you most. I'm here to not only serving you in the little ways of planning + outfit coordinating but to truly find what kind of wedding experience is the best fit for you. While I love to help make your special day + overall experience less stressful, this is all about YOU + YOUR BABE. I'm here to guide you, bring out the best you + give the world a glimpse of your story while letting you hold onto those moments to look back on and feel forever. I want to turn everyday moments into magical ones.

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Intimate wedding  + Destination photographer based in Iowa. Helping every day couples get cozy and own their normal while bringing adventure to the midwest + beyond.

with ALex

with ALex

Let's be friends and skip the small talk 'cause that stuff's awkward.
I'm Alex (but you've already gathered that). I also go by Mom, the best dang third wheel, pun maker + self proclaimed avocado addict. 

I’m a midwest intimate wedding + elopement photographer livin’ in Readlyn, Iowa, where I’ve set up my cozy little corner of the Earth with my family, alongside 857 people + 1 Old Grump.

 I make way too many "bad" puns (People think they're cheesy. I think they're grate). I’d trade Michelin Stars for Golden Arches every day because McDonalds is top notch. I listen to way too many crime podcasts and pay for Netflix solely to have The Office on repeat. I freaking love meeting new friends, so lets grab some coffee. Dope.

I love to share every day things because that's what life is full of. I'd love to say I'm off capturing couples on mountain tops and when I'm not doing that I'm traveling with my own family and learning new things in fancy places. Reality is, I do love to travel and capture couples but when I'm not doing that, I'm lounging at home in leggings, taking my girls to the park, binging podcasts while cooking + baking, having a night in with my husband (when we don't have errands to run) while watching football + The Office. That's my life.
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I'm Alex McCrary. Wedding + destination photographer based in Iowa. Helping every day couples get cozy and own their normal while bringing connection to the midwest + beyond.