5 Reasons to Reconsider A Wedding Photographer

I know it's in uncle Bob's best intentions when he grabs a photo of you at an upward angle walking down the aisle, but please Bob. Don't. Even Beyonce has bad angles. As photographers we know learn how to flatter every body type and bring out your best features to show you how dang good you look. All. The. Time. #IAmBeyonceAlways

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What to Wear To Your Session

If you have had a session or have one in the future I’m sure you’ve asked, “Okay, but what the heck do I wear?! I feel like I don’t have anything!” If you have, this blog post is written just for you! Here we will help crush all your outfit fears and make you feel confident to rock your style at your session!

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A Year In Business + Thank You's

One year ago, this month, I turned my love of photography into a business. I had no idea what the heck I was in for. I just knew I had a passion for photos and people and went for it.
I could use the "I've had a camera in my hand ever since I could remember" bit but I actually started really enjoying photography when I turned 16, completely self taught, with some friends to help along the way. (I’ll get to that in a minute )…

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Caylee + Noah | A Couples Session Experience

Talking with Caylee and hearing how much they enjoyed their time made my heart so happy. Giving parents that time to bond again, giving couples special time to reconnect and have fun and creating experiences, not just photos.
Couples sessions hold a special place in my heart. This may be just the thing for you if you’re totally down with…

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Natalie + Adam

Let’s talk about Natalie and Adam. Natalie has incredible fashion sense, and let’s be real, is absolutely beautiful. Did you know Adam was not super thrilled to be having his photos taken? I mean most guys aren’t. My goal by the end of my sessions it’s my goal to make the couple feel like they’ve been my lifelong friend, make them feel comfortable, and well to make the guy think “Hey, I guess that wasn’t so bad”..

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How to Boost Your Pinterest Game

Guys, I went from 20K monthly views to almost HALF A MILLION in just a few weeks and I want to spill all the beans on how this was even possible. I had no idea Pinterest could draw so much traffic to not only my business profile but my website and blog and literally QUADRUPLE my website views. 

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It's Okay to Feel

I am so very thankful but I also felt so sad, and this sense of grief I'd never had before. 
Grief of missing out, not getting to snuggle my kid like every other parent. Grief of feeling like I should have done something to prevent this. Grief of missing out on all the cute baby moments that were crowded by appointment after appointment. It’s okay to feel..

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How to Take Better Pictures

We all know photographers are awesome, but what happens when you're on a family vacation, hanging out at home, or doing something special and you want to take photos in the moment yourself? You pull out your cell phone and do just that, right?   

Let's talk about how to take better photos for yourself!

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