What I Pack in my Photography Bag

I’ve gone through a lot of trial and error when it comes to packing my photo bag. Some like to call it over packing but I like to call it being prepared. I’m a mama and if any of you out there are mama’s too you know that anything - I mean anything - can happen.

In our family van, I’ve got extra deodorant, snacks, shampoo, soap, etc. and I treat my weddings almost the same way. Granted I don’t wan to be lugging around a suitcase + all my gear for the day, but I have a pouch I keep with me in my purse that has just a little bit of everything..

First things first…

+ A BAG!
A bag is a great first thing to have. I used to have a cross body one but with all the equipment it got so uncomfortable! I actually ended up getting bruises on my legs once from it hitting them when I’d walk back and forth all day with it on, yikes.
I ended up going with a Manfrotto backpack! I LOVE how it fits my gear, has a laptop sleeve, compartments for cameras and lenses and side pockets. The inside isn’t the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, unless you’re into camo but I’d settle for functionality over glam ‘errrday!


I TRIPLE check my bag before I go anywhere. I want to make sure I leave nothing behind, bring back up’s to your back up’s to your back up’s because, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. I hate to admit, I’ve been lucky. I used to shoot weddings with no backup body. Please, for the love, don’t do this. I didn’t do it many times but I’ve heard so many horror stories that I didn’t let it happen more than a couple times.

Then, equipment..

+ Your main camera + Your back up camera.
I use my Canon 6D as my second camera and my Canon 5D Miii as my main camera. This way if anything were to happen (drop your lens, corruption, stops working) you’re covered!

+ Lenses.
To be honest, I’m a lens minimalist. They can be heavy and depending on your shooting style, you can get by with one lens on each camera, that way I’m not taking lenses on and off all day. I stick my wide angled lens on my second camera, for further away shots and my Sigma 35mm (which never leaves my camera!) on my main camera! I do have a backup lens I bring for further away shots but for me, I’m okay with one on each camera! That covers the style I shoot.


+ Batteries.
AS MANY AS YOU CAN. Your girl has 6. So here’s a little trick I put up my sleeve. Batteries obviously lose their juice after awhile and need replacing. Well, I had one pesky one that would always die on my way before my others would but I would always just stick it back in the pocket with the rest and move on to the next, until I kept accidentally pulling that one out and getting so frustrated with it during shoots! When I got home I pulled out some of those circle colored stickers, you know the ones you see at garage sales that say 50 cents on them. I placed a different color on each one of my batteries that way I knew which one was giving me a hard time and I could keep track of which were going to need replaced.


+ SD Cards / Compact Flash Cards.
I don’t think you’ve heard me say this yet (jk sorry not sorry) bring back ups to your back ups!! Nothing would be worse than having a card corrupt on you or not having enough cards! I bring tons of cards with me as well as compact cards. With my Miii I can write to a compact card and SD at the same time JUST IN CASE something were to happen. When it comes to people’s weddings, you don’t get those moments back. Being too cautious is not a thing! Also having a good SD card holder! I use a water proof Beeway.


+ Flash.
I bring my flash, diffuser and batteries for my flash! I always try to get by without using my flash if I can but if you know anything about receptions, most of the time that’s dang near impossible! I will always bounce my flash off the ceiling or something around me so I don’t get that obvious “flash lighting”. So even if I don’t necessarily love using it, you’ve gotta be prepared for anything!

+ Bluetooth Speaker.
I bring this baby with me to weddings but mostly to shoots. I LOVE THIS. It helps loosen people up, doesn’t make time for awkward silences and gives plenty of time to engage with your couples and families in super fun ways.

I have a “goodie” bag that I bring with me on wedding days.. This is where I go into full on mom mode and make sure that nothing is left to chance.

  • Snacks - You’ve gotta eat!! When you’re on your feet all day, you get hungry! I always make sure to bring granola bars, fruit snacks, bananas, beef sticks, gum. Whatever is going to be a quick easy eat, bring it!

  • First Aid - I bring a tiny first aid kit, including gauze, band aids, wipes, etc.

  • Hygiene - Hand sanitizer, lotion, soap, sunscreen, lip gloss

  • Extras - bobby pins, hair ties, small sewing kit. I also have a battery grip but I hardly use it, so that’s based on preference!


So there you have it! This is what I typically bring with me to wedding days! I hope this helps you and if you have anything you bring you didn’t see on the list, comment below and let me know!