Investing in yourself can be scary as HECK, but if you expect others to believe in you and invest in you - you've got to believe in yourself first! If you're looking for help in starting your business, client experience, shooting, editing, you've come to the right place and I can't wait to help you dive right in! 

Whether you picked up a camera not too long ago or you've been shooting for years, education is important. I have a passion for  teaching you how to focus in on why you're passionate, cultivate your own style and find what you truly love, while giving your clients an amazing experience. 



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coffee date:

coffee date + shoot:

Let's grab coffee and chat about ANYTHING for two hours. I'll send out a questionnaire about where you're at in your business + where you'd like to be and your goals. Here you can ask anything from technical to business to marketing, etc. Nothing is off the table! 

This option is a coffee date plus a real, styled shoot. This is a 4 hour mentor session. We will chat over coffee for 2 hours, go shoot for an hour and then go back and edit together and go over any other questions you might have!

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kiedra h.

3) She stays in my corner. When I have a question I know I can contact her. She doesn't just do a mentor session with you and then leave you to figure anything that comes up out on your own. 

I could go on and on listing the reasons I chose to mentor with her. 
What it boils down to is that she has the skills, business knowledge, kindness, humor, and heart that are practically unparalleled.

I choose Alex for several reasons: 
1) Her work speaks for itself. 
I figured if I am going to learn a new skill, I want to learn from someone who has mastered it.
2) She is a genuinely kind human being. This was a vulnerable step for me to start something new. And she understood that and encouraged me and continues to encourage me when I doubt myself. 

"She stays in my corner."

Cat m.

But Alex breaks down what you need to know with such clarity, it makes everything feel so clear and assessable. 
Mentoring sessions with her are not only informative but inspiring! I felt encouraged to try something new and empowered with the knowledge on how to do it!

Alex’s mentoring sessions makes everything feel so clear and assessable. 
I never knew what I was doing with marketing myself or my wedding photography. Everything seemed so daunting and I didn’t feel like I knew enough to get started. 

"I felt encouraged.. and empowered"

Kayla F.

The hands-on experience during the photoshoot was the best decision I made to start my beginning photographer career. Whether you’re just starting out like I am or even if you’re a more experienced photographer, I would recommend taking a mentorship session with Alex.

I’m just a beginner photographer, and when I did my mentorship with Alex I had so much fun. I learned so much in such a short amount of time that after the mentorship I felt like I took a step up from being just a beginner photographer, especially during the actual photoshoot.

"..the best decision I



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