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How to Find Your Style


Ohhh, I love this topic.

It’s so good because it’s so versatile. It can be used to find your: wedding style, brand style, bedroom and home decor style or your overall aesthetic! Whether you’re a bride looking to find what style best represents your personality and taste or you’re a business owner trying to narrow down your branding, this tip will help you narrow down what you think you like to what you truly love.

Firstly, make a Pinterest board.
Pinterest has not lost its popularity and for good reason. For this board (you can make it private if you’d like. Mine is public and you can see it HERE.) choose an easy name, like “branding” or “my style”. I named mine “brand + mood”. This is where you are going to pin ALL THE THINGS.

Next, pin all the things you truly love.
The biggest step to this is making sure you aren’t limiting what you pin. I’m talking if you love it, pin it. Like on mine, it can vary from clothing, light bulbs, paintings, cookies, home decor to scrunchies. (Yes, judge me all you want, I found some scrunchies visually pleasing – haha!)

Don’t look at the board.
Seriously, I’m not kidding. If you’re pinning things and then decide to look at the board, it can throw off your natural reaction to liking something to trying to find things that fit into what you’ve already pinned. We want this process to be as natural and honest as possible.

Give yourself time to pin to this board.
We all go through phases and moods. One day you may be in a funk and pin things that are a little more dark or moody than normal and that’s okay! Let the emotions and pinning happen. Give this board a solid week of pinning every day (if you can) before checking it out.

This is where the magic happens..

After you’ve followed these steps and pinned all the things you love, maybe it’s a toothbrush, cat, food, you get the idea. It’s been about a week and you finally look at your board, after that you’re going to notice something. All your pins will have a general vibe or aesthetic. For some of us it’s going to be more obvious, maybe it’s the same 3 colors. For others, it may not be as obvious as a color, it may be textures, shapes or words.

I’d love to know if you did this and if it helped you with whatever you’re working on styling, or even if you did it for fun and learned something about yourself! I use this exercise in my business and personal life all the time and know I’ll continue to use it!

xo, Alex

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