Hey babes, I’m Alex + this is my fam.


My husband, Daniel, and I have been together since we were 14, high school sweethearts, and now have two beautiful daughters, Norah and Gwendolyn. I’ve got a reputation as a mom to not just my kids but also everyone around me. If you walked into our home, you’d probably find freshly made banana bread or chocolate chip cookies on the counter and kids’ toys - EVERYWHERE.

I can usually be found drinking abundant amounts of coffee with vanilla almond milk creamer while hanging out with my girls. Netflix is usually running in the background playing The Office for the millionth time and if it’s not, I’m definitely listening to a podcast. Living in a tiny town has many perks but not having a store in sight within 25 miles of our home is not one of them, so you better believe if there is any excuse to go on a trip to walk around Target, it’s happenin’.
I can’t wait to grab some coffee with you! Scroll down to see some of my favorite things.


some of my favorites

the office (u.s.) + avocados + starbucks iced latte with soy and two pumps of raspberry + puns + crime podcasts + everything christmas + monopoly

The Experience


I live for comfort, and I’m not just talking about clothing (though I love myself a pair of leggings), I’m talking surroundings. You don’t want to look back on your photos and remember how stiff or unnatural you felt, you want to feel genuine emotion, comfort and making every day moments feel like magic. I love movement, goofiness, and the unique things that make you, well you.
I want to be more than your photographer or vendor but a friend, the coolest third wheel around. Your experience matters. I love being able to make my couples not only comfortable, crack jokes, run around but feel confident.

If you need a photographer just to cross it off your wedding to-do list to get some family formals for your grandma’s fridge, I’m not your girl, and that’s okay! I never had my own wedding photographed and to this day I have #regrets. I know what it feels like to miss out on those memories and I’m here to make sure you don’t make the same mistake. This day only happens once, so if you’re looking for someone who care about the details, your story, why there is no love story like your own and gives you a killer experience, I am your girl, and I’m flipping’ excited to grab some coffee with you! I’m not here to cross off another date on my calendar, I’m here because I freaking care about your love and your special day. I’m a photographer for that everyday couple who wants to feel like their relationship is a scene from a Nicholas Sparks movie. The couple who is ready to get their clothes dirty for some fun, eat takeout in their living room, and who wants to make the ordinary things a little more extraordinary. You don’t need elaborate views or the Pinterest perfect home to show off your love for one another.

My home is in Iowa but would love to take on a few special destination weddings per year, whether it’s the beach, mountains or desert, count me in! My photography style is bold and warm with a touch of mood; photos that are candid, attention to detail and storytelling.

Are you screaming “Yass girl!!” After reading this?!

2019 Travel Schedule:
Chester, ca - September 24th - 29th

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