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Natalie + Adam


I attended a photography workshop this past July, The Storytelling Workshop, where I met Adam and Natalie who were our couple models.

Let me rave about this workshop for a minute.
Nicole and Abbi did an amazing job helping all of us feel more confident, in not just our work or our business, but in ourselves. From shooting at sessions to editing to talking numbers, I left feeling so much more confident in everything I did and my work after being there, 100% reflects that! I was so worried to invest in myself and my business, which seems silly, but guys, it’s scary. But I learned the harsh truth that if I’m not willing to invest in myself or my business, why should anyone else?
2018 has been a giant year of growth, failing, succeeding, setting expectations and goals, and excelling. I cannot wait to see what 2019 has to offer, but what I can tell you is it’s going to be full of so much love, just like Natalie + Adam’s.

Is anyone else digging this vintage vibe of this adorable apartment?! I instantly fell in love!
I’m thinking of hosting some winter couple sessions here. If you’re interested in that, let me know and I’d love to hang out with you!

Let’s talk about Natalie and Adam. Natalie has incredible fashion sense, and let’s be real, is absolutely beautiful. Did you know Adam was not super thrilled to be having his photos taken? I mean most guys aren’t. My goal by the end of my sessions it’s my goal to make the couple feel like they’ve been my lifelong friend, make them feel comfortable, and well to make the guy think “Hey, I guess that wasn’t so bad”.. 😉

I’ll be making another blog post soon about my session flow and experience! I cannot wait for the upcoming photos and blogs I have to come so in the meantime enjoy this beautiful couple and some of their gallery below!

If you’re interested in setting up your couples session, or if that cozy winter session sounds like your jam, shoot me a message, visit my contact page or facebook and let’s hang out!

xo, Alex

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