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I'm an Enneagram 2w3, wife and mama of two girls (read: I always have coffee in hand while wearing leggings and finding any excuse to make a Target run).
Our home is always full of people, baked goods, board games and warmth (not physical warmth, we keep our house at a crisp 67°, and own a million blankets for snuggles kind of warmth).
If you're down for quoting The Office, making puns and sending a million GIFs, there's more where that came from. 

I'm Alex. Midwest + destination wedding + couples photographer based in iowa.

hello there

laugh when your hair gets messed up in the wind, shrug it off when you get dirt on your outfit and you aren't afraid to take off your shoes and run around. 

believe in love over everything else and care more about how your wedding day feels than how it looks.

go with the flow and are always down to grab a cup of coffee because you love cozy days at home just as much as you love to explore and travel new places. 


You're my people if



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