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It's Alex, just Alex. 
While my name isn’t short for anything, I myself, stand at a whole 5’ tall. I use this to my advantage to grab photos of people without interfering in moments. Honestly, these whole ‘about me’ sections make me a little uncomfortable, because talking myself up is hecka awkward. But since we’re putting feelings out there, there’s nothing quite like feeling comfortable. Past clients could tell you, not only how comfortable their whole process was, but how communication is a huge priority to me (so is sending a million GIFs). We both know you’re here because you want amazing photos, but what if I told you I’m here to give you so much more than that.

'cause that stuff's awkward -
                and we DOn't do awkward.

Alex was absolutely amazing from the beginning to the end and everything in between! From any questions or concerns I had she was quick to reply and was more than willing to go out of her way to find a date and time to meet up and talk some more. She’s easy going, kind hearted, and has a talent of capturing the most amazing photos that no one can replace.


2019 bride + groom

I literally looked at her Instagram and knew that she was meant to be my photographer. I was so nervous to get engagement photos.. we even brought two good friends with us. It was like Alex was another best friend. We had so much fun with her. It felt like the hottest September day ever and we were swarmed by hundreds of mosquitos but yet she somehow managed to get incredible photos that we both are in love with. She made us feel so comfortable! 


2019 bride + groom

She will make you feel like you’ve known her for years after about 2.5 seconds. Alex truly cares about the experience of each and every client and dedicates so much into becoming better and better at what she does! I would recommend her to anyone!
Also, she is a master pun maker. When you’re nervous on your wedding day, you’ll appreciate that!



Alex was fantastic for our wedding! Her images are perfect and she's just so genuine. I will be forever grateful for the memories captured during our love story!

— cally + travis —

2019 bride + groom

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I'm Alex McCrary. Wedding + destination photographer based in Iowa. Helping every day couples get cozy and own their normal while bringing connection to the midwest + beyond.