AMP is a combination of my need to be creative, borderline obsession with love, and regret from not hiring a photographer for my own wedding. I know what it’s like to miss out on moments and lack tangible evidence of my best day ever—and I never want someone else to make that same mistake.

Photographing couples and their loved ones on a day that signifies a commitment to forever is a big deal, and I don’t take this honor lightly. From the moment you inquire to the day you receive your full gallery, I’m all in on you and your story.
I’ll be here to help you get clear on your vision, find your dream vendors, advocate on your behalf, create a timeline that prioritizes presence and fun over performance and forced photos, and ultimately provide you with an experience that feels like a cozy, warm hug. 

Because yes, I’m a photographer. And yes, you’re going to leave with timeless photos that genuinely blow all of your expectations out of the water. But I’m here to be so much more than that, and I can’t wait to raise a toast to you and yours, forever and ever.

I’m one of those people who was destined to become a wedding photographer. And I say “destined,” not “dreamed of,” because while I love this job more than I can explain, it wasn’t a childhood dream brought to life. But it’s certainly an adult dream I get to live every day. Let me explain!

Yo, i'm alex mccrary.

After missing out on her own wedding photography, Alex turned wedding and couples photography into her full time job to make sure others don't miss out on the things she did. Making couples comfortable in front of the camera is her absolute favorite, next to a good dance party. She's most likely drinking coffee at her coffee shop with her family, playing board games or baking bread - either banana or sourdough.

A firm believer in taking time to be alone—just the two of you—on your wedding day, Chelsea has been known to whisk couples away for sunset photos without all the chaos. She’s a sucker for road trips, going on mountain adventures, and trying new restaurants. If she’s not out and about, she’s at home with her four cats and a crazy cute four-year-old named Forest.

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