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Dunning Springs Engagement Session in Decorah, Iowa

Brinna and Sam’s Iowa Engagement Session

I don’t feel like Iowa is one of the places many people think of when it comes to adventurous locations and gorgeous views, but Northern Iowa has so many little hidden gems. Decorah has cliffs, natural springs with hiking paths and gorgeous views of trees, bluffs and waterfalls.

When I asked Brinna and Sam where they’d like to go for their engagement session and they mentioned Decorah I was so excited. I travel there a few times a year (it’s only just over an hour from me) and every time I go it never disappoints.

We first started their engagement session out at Sam’s family farm in Lawler, Iowa, where he works with his dad and uncle. It’s always so fun and special to incorporate family property into photos. The lighting was gorgeous and weather was great.

After taking photos there we headed off to Decorah, but on the drive there it started to rain. By the time we got to Decorah the rain let up and when we saw the springs, there was a heavy fog over the water that just looked so dreamy.

I loved getting to hang out with these two and get to know them as a couple.

When I asked Brinna what their relationship and personalities were like this is what she told me: “We’re both pretty laid back but also anxious if that makes any sense haha! Were BIGGG people pleasers (which is good and bad). I (Brinna) am very sarcastic and usually Sam just takes it haha! Sam has an all in type of personality! Heck on our third date he told me he loved me!! (I didn’t say it back haha and he still gives me crap for it)!”

So excited for their wedding in 2024!

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