November 26, 2018

5 Reasons to Reconsider A Wedding Photographer


1. I DIDN’T.

No, really, learn from my mistakes. I didn’t hire a wedding photographer, we were young and on a budget. The words “free” or “cheap” were music to our ears. I took the DIY route with just about everything, which honestly I still am a firm believer in for most things, but some things you just shouldn’t DIY.

I had my friend’s mom take our wedding photos, and believe me when I say, to this day I appreciate her willingness to take our pictures, but I wish that I would have hired it out. We have 0 pictures of the two of us together, except one that I cropped out of 2 group photos that we have. At the time I thought, I don’t need “fancy photos” or “I’m sure someone will take some” — but I didn’t know what I was missing out on until I didn’t have it.
We didn’t get a photo of “the kiss” or really much of anything, because I didn’t invest in what I wanted and honestly I didn’t know much about wedding photography at the time to realize how important it was. How can you know what you’d miss out on if you aren’t educated?
If I could go back in time I would have saved money in other areas, like décor, to have hired the photographer that I wanted.
I believe this happened so that I could grow a passion for wedding photography and help people realize how important it is.


So many people think, “well, my family will be there and I’ll just have them take pictures as the day goes on.” You’re going to get cell phone pictures + probably not even the ones you’re hoping for. Your friends and family want to hang out and enjoy the day too. Sometimes you don’t realize what photos you want until you don’t have them and family members don’t quite know what you expect of them while also realizing they want to kick back and enjoy the day too. They don’t need the pressure of trying to grab photos for you, especially when they are busy celebrating and hanging out.


We pride ourselves on making sure you look like the best version of yourself. I know it’s in uncle Bob’s best intentions when he grabs a photo of you at an upward angle walking down the aisle, but even Beyonce has bad angles. As photographers we know learn how to flatter every body type and bring out your best features to show you how dang good you look. All. The. Time. #IAmBeyonceAlways


If there is one thing you won’t forget from your wedding, with me as your photographer, it’s details. Card boxes, lace, invitations, your grandma’s passed down pair of earrings you’re going to wear, cufflinks, the cake cutting knife, I am a stickler for it all. It’s little things like this that Uncle Bob isn’t going to think is important. Details may seem like just that, details, but it’s all the little things that make up the big day. Trust me.


Photographers aren’t one size fits all. Some love posed images, fine art, documentary/candid, you name it. Most photographers will hold wedding consults to meet with you about what you’re looking for when it comes to your big day, such as style, timeline, how they shoot, finances, what they include in packages, what they are willing to do or not do, etc.
Choosing a photographer with not only a style that’s important to you but also a personality. If you are a stickler for everything looking flawlessly perfect when it comes to poses, I’m probably not your girl and that’s okay! If you’re wanting your day to go 100% as scheduled and get easily stressed, I’m probably not your girl and that’s okay too! Finding a photographer that fits your needs is so important and you have that freedom to do so! This is one of the many reasons I love consults. Don’t be afraid to ask rapid fire questions to make sure the photog you meet with is a perfect fit, after all this is YOUR WEDDING.


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