bride and groom's wedding ceremony outside airbnb
bride and groom's wedding ceremony outside airbnb

Is an AirBnb Wedding Right for You


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June 5, 2024

bride and groom getting married at an airbnb

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times in your life, but it comes with a whirlwind of decisions. Among the most significant choices you’ll make is the venue. Traditional wedding venues have their appeal, but have you ever considered hosting your special day at an Airbnb? This trend is on the rise, offering couples a unique and personalized wedding experience. Let’s explore whether an Airbnb wedding is right for you.

I recently photographed a wedding at an AirBnb and it went off without a hitch. The couple had their closest friends and family, stunning view and make a whole weekend out of it with their friends from out of state.

I decided to ask my bride, Elizabeth, what her advice, pros and cons were when it came to planning, as if she were to give advice to an engaged couple who was thinking about an Airbnb wedding day. This is what she said..

Advice about AirBnb Weddings

  1. Reach out early (to the airbnb host) and make sure your guest count is allowed (we had to make clear that the wedding would be X number of people but only Y would be staying overnight at the cabin, etc.)
  2. Feel out if the host is a good communicator early on—we had so many questions and were lucky that the host got back to us quickly and was open to letting us check out the property a few times before the wedding.
  3. If you’re using a tent, you might have to ask about underground lines, measure out an area to make sure there’s room, etc. Also think about parking!
  4. Ask about check-in and check-out times, and whether there’s any flexibility.
bride and groom standing outside airbnb with guests

Pros for an AirBnb Wedding

We were able to book the venue for two nights, so we had time extra time to settle in before and rest after the wedding.

Our closest friends were able to stay with us—they didn’t have to worry about getting hotels or travelling to the ceremony on the day, and we were able to hang out the night before, which was lovely.

Cheaper than a lot of wedding venues, especially for our low guest count, and we didn’t have to pay for anything we didn’t need.

We were really able to tailor the event to our relationship—something casual but beautiful and fun.

bride and groom looking at scenery around their airbnb

Cons for an Airbnb Wedding

No provided tents, decor, or wedding planner/coordiator—we had to bring everything we needed and line up all vendors separately, which took a lot of coordination.

Our location was kind of in the middle of nowhere, so we picked up groceries and supplies around home before driving in. If we needed something last minute, it would be harder to get it. Luckily, our guests were able to find us without any issues (thanks, Google Maps!).

Unless you’re able to visit the property before the big day, it can be hard to visualize how everything will look, how steep the yard is, what the view might be, etc.

cabin airbnb with guests under a wedding tent in the yard

Check out Elizabeth & Logan’s AirBnb here.

Not sure an airbnb is a good fit for your wedding day? You can find the best midwest wedding venues here.

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bride and groom's wedding ceremony outside airbnb

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