Cedar Valley Waterloo Cedar Falls Iowa Photo Locations
Cedar Valley Waterloo Cedar Falls Iowa Photo Locations

Top 5 Places in Waterloo / Cedar Falls, Iowa for Photos


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June 25, 2021

Top 5 Places for photos in Waterloo / Cedar Falls, Iowa

If you’re looking for locations in Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa for some photos, I’ve got a list for you! These are local spots I frequent to take photos that range from outdoor and woods, to little shops and cityscape.

#1. George Wyth State Park, Waterloo

This location has trails, a lake, trees, tall grasses, etc. It has everything you’d need for an outdoor session!

#2. Big Woods Lake, Cedar Falls

Big Woods Lake has great sunset lighting, a little kayak/canoe dock that makes a perfect little “beach” view and tall prairie grass.

#3. Main Street, Cedar Falls

Main Street Cedar Falls is filled with little shops, streets and alley ways perfect for photos. One of my favorite shops to pop into when I’m on Main Street is Cup of Joe.

#4. University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Campus / Botanical Garden

Since COVID I haven’t had a chance to shoot IN the botanical garden but I have made my way around the outside of it and around UNI campus. Gallagher Bluedorn is also a great indoor option!

#5. Prairie Lakes Park, Cedar Falls

Wide open spaces and a freakin’ cool tree. Prairie Lakes Park is stunning at sunset!

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Cedar Valley Waterloo Cedar Falls Iowa Photo Locations

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