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Unity Ceremony Ideas

In most modern weddings, you’ll witness a unity ceremony. This symbolizes the joining of “two becoming one” or “two families becoming one”. This started with the unity candle. One partner taking a candle and together, lighting a new one.

  1. Unity Candle

Here are some more fun ideas for your unity ceremony during your wedding!

2. Sand Ceremony

3. Plant a tree! Both these families used soil from both their families yards/farms + poured them together and planted it at their home.

4. Branding. Cally + Travis branded their own piece of wood to put in their home. I loved this unique idea!

5. CHEER with BEER. This couple + their bridal party cracked open some cold ones together to celebrate!

6. Wine + notes in a box for your first anniversary! This can be done a couple ways, you + your partner can write notes to each other for you both to read on your anniversary or your parents can write you notes to read!

There are 6 unity ceremony ideas for your wedding day!

Here are a few other ideas:

+ Time capsule: Ask guests or friends + family to write down something for an anniversary time capsule: Such as “Where do you see us in X years?” Then, during your ceremony nail it shut and wait!
+ Tie a knot or a braided cord.
+ Paint, dump paint on a canvas, either plain or with you new last initial on it.
+ No unity ceremony – maybe you wanna ditch tradition?

What is your favorite ceremony? Do you have more ideas?! Drop them below!


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  1. Lexie says:

    Hello! I love the branding of the wood idea. What did they use to get the iron hot?

    • Alex McCrary says:

      They had them in the fire pit right next to it! That way they stayed hot and everyone enjoyed the fire!

  2. Taylor says:

    Where did they get the branding irons from!?!?