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First Look: Before the Wedding or Down the Aisle?

There is both something special about having a first look before the wedding and having your partner see you walk down the aisle in your dress for the first time. When I got married I always thought the first look down the aisle was the only way to go. Now looking back and knowing I had more options (and being a photographer), I’ve come to learn that there are pros to both options.
figure out which is best for you..

First Look: Before the Wedding

  1. Privacy

    You get to have your special first moments looks but share them together while spending a little extra time soaking in each other + the excitement of the day. Plus you can also give each other a little gift to one another or read/share your own personal vows to one another. If you’re anything like me the thought of speaking super personal moments in front of a ton of people is a big NOPE. This way you can share your own vows or notes together on your big day with some privacy and intimate moments.

  2. You Can Do More Than One

    It gives you an opportunity to do more than one first look. You can do a first look with your bridesmaids, brothers, siblings, dad, mom, in laws and your partner. Making those special moments more intimate and sentimental.

  3. Get More Photos Done Before the Ceremony

    It makes getting more pictures done before the ceremony a lot easier, leaving time after the ceremony to celebrate! When you do a first look, you’ve already seen each other, which means we can get more family formals, full bridal party and couples photos out of the way before your ceremony. This way afterwards, it’s more time to celebrate with family + friends and PARTY.

Shot by associate Chelsea

First Look: Down the Aisle

  1. The Suspense

    Builds up suspense of seeing your boo for the first time and seeing their sweet reaction as you walk down the aisle.
  2. Sharing the Moment

    If your not as private of a person or have a lot of close family + friends that you’d love to share your special moment with, seeing each other for the first time with everyone there can be special.
  3. You Can Still Get All the Photos

    This doesn’t make taking photos harder – this just means more photos will take place after your ceremony than beforehand.

Are you team first look before or after the ceremony??

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