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5 Must Have Photos with Your Bridesmaids


Your bridesmaids, your ladies, the gang. Your bridesmaids are an essential part of your wedding day, providing support, love, and laughter (making sure you eat and drink enough) as you head into married life. Naturally, capturing the moments shared with your bridesmaids in photographs is just as important as the rest of your wedding photos. Here are the 5 must-have photos with your bridesmaids that every bride should consider.

  1. Getting Ready
    Shots of your girls helping you get ready, into your dress, buttoning you up, touching up makeup and hair.

2. We all know the bride deserves to feel gorgeous on her wedding day, but it’s more fun when there are people there to share it with you. Have your bridesmaids sway and spin their dresses with you.

3. Walk and talk. A classic but it always looks so good!

4. Give the bride a floral frame. Have the bridesmaids use their bouquets to frame the bride’s face.

5. Prom pose, but make it cute. Grab your girlies and recreate a prom pose you did in the past or create a new one!

6. BONUS POSE: Feeling adventurous? This pyramid was so much fun! Find a cheer or sports pose to do!

Which pose was your favorite??

xo, Alex

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