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5 Must Have Photos with Your Groomsmen


The dudes, Your groomsmen are your support system on your wedding day. They’re there to help you with everything from tying your tie to calming your nerves. Naturally, capturing the moments shared with your groomsmen in photographs is just as important as the rest of your wedding photos. Here are the 5 must-have photos with your groomsmen that every groom should consider.

  1. Hanging with the boys. A photo of the guys getting ready, watching tv and doing whatever they’re doing to prepare for the wedding.

2. That Mighty Duck Flying V.

3. Nothing to quite make a groom and his boys feel like GQ models than having them toss their jackets over their shoulders.

4. Or maybe instead of tossing a jacket.. we just toss the groom entirely.

5. Group..hug? Have them run in and give him a hug, tickle him, hype him up a bit.

Which of these poses is your favorite?

xo, Alex

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